Benchmarking microSD cards with the Raspberry Pi 3


Tags: linux raspberry-pi benchmarking

Performance of SD cards can be pretty variable - the class of the card isn’t a reliable indicator of the speeds you’ll get.

You can find a good benchmarking script and results for a selection of cards here (spoiler - Samsung Evo+ microSDs are a good bet for the common Pi workloads).

I had a go benchmarking a PNY Performance Smartphone Edition Class 10 16 GB card that I’d bought in a local Currys, and got the following results under Ubuntu MATE 16.04. The card seemed particularly sluggish in use so was intrigued what results it’d show…

hdparm buffered: 12.20 MB/sec

dd write: 5.3 MB/sec

4K rand read: 4.59 MB/sec

4K rand write: 0.23 MB/sec