Using a Logic Analyzer with the RC2014


Tags: RC2014 electronics

Choosing a logic analyser

When choosing a logic analyzer, the primary considerations, in my mind are the following:

Installing sigrok

See for details of installing it for your platform. Note on Arch sigrok-cli is in a separate AUR package on Arch Linux.

There may be additional steps for your particular logic analyzer. For the clone Saleae devices, it’s necessary to download one of their Logic releases and extract the FX2 firmware.

Connecting it to your RC2014

I constructed a small board that I could insert into the RC2014 backplane and connect the logic analyzer inputs to. This enabled quick insertion/ removal.

Recording the bus state

It is possible to acquire data from within the Pulseview application. I found that this was somewhat unstable (probably more due to my logic analyzer than anything else). If there is any problem aquiring the data, this isn’t fed back well to the user and the application can lock up. Instead, I found it was easier to use the sigrok-cli application to capture the data and only use PulseView for viewing.

sigrok-cli --driver saleae-logic16 --config samplerate=20Mhz --channels 0=D0,1=D1,2=D2,3=D3,4=D4,5=D5,6=D6,7=D7,9=RD,10=WR,11=MREQ,12=CLK,13=M1,14=DATA_OE \
	--samples 10M --output-file

The bus state recording can then be viewed with Logicview. The Z80 protocol decoder is great to make sense of the data.