Linux driver for ASUS WMI sensors interface


Tags: linux drivers asus

I’ve recently built a new Ryzen based system with a Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero motherboard.

That motherboard has an ITE IT8665E Super IO, which is not supported by the kernel in-tree driver, and the out-of-tree driver has been abandoned and currently only has minimal support. There is also no publically available PDF datasheet for this IC, although there are references to a document IT8655Ev07.pdf, I’ve not been able to get a copy of this.

Asus however have added a WMI interface to their BIOS/UEFI which gives access to sensor values from the Super IO and EC (Embedded controller)

The source of the driver is available here: Linux Asus WMI sensors driver and I have also made an Arch Linux AUR package for it