FPGA comparison


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Comparing FPGAs from different manufacturers and different families is quite tricky as what makes up a “slice” is not the same across all of them, and in newer families LUTs have more inputs.

From what I’ve read, the best metric for comparing capacity is Logic cells/ logic elements, followed by Block RAM.

This was my quick and dirty attempt at comparing the different boards/ FPGAs

Board LOGi & Papilio Pro Papilio One Nexys Basys 3 Cheap eBay board Terasic DE1
Device XC6SLX9 XC3S500E XC3S1000 XC7A35T EP2C5 EP2C20
Logic cells 9152 10476 17280 33280 4608 18752
Distributed RAM 90kb 73kb 120kb 400kb 117kb
Block RAM 576kb 360kb 432kb 1800kb 104kb