Robin SmartPAT 5500 documentation


This page is a collection of all the information I could find about the Robin SmartPAT 5500, including PDFs of the manual, the brochure and a partial component list. Thought it was worth saving before this information disappears off the web!



The SmartPAT 5500 is capable of performing Earth Bond, Insulation, Fuse Continuity, Run/Leakage and Flash Voltage Tests.The operating panel carries the feature buttons, serial port, floppy disk drive and the results display.

The lid of the case provides a storage area for the cables associated with the appliance tester.

Using the optional Smartwand or wide-head barcode scanner, appliance number, site details and test sequences can be rapidly entered directly into SmartPAT 5500.


PDF downloads

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual - alternate version
Spec sheet
Spec sheet - from catalogue
Component list / PCB images
Maintenance docs for the SmartPAT 5000